About us

About us

I am a retired Home Economics teacher with over thirty years' experience working with children aged between eleven and sixteen.

I have always passionately believed in the theory that -

“One must learn by doing the thing. For though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try” (Sophocles)

In my years of teaching Home Economics and despite the many changes to the subject, I always kept the practical aspect at the heart of the lessons. However in recent years I felt that the art of cooking and preparing healthy home-made meals had been disappearing rapidly. The main reason given was lack of time. Freezers, microwaves and the drive-in carry-out changed the pattern of eating and preparing foods. It was quicker and easier to peel the packaging off microwaveable meals  than it was to prepare the actual food and cook it!

So, when I retired, I decided to open the School so that those who were interested in learning the basic skills of cooking or adding to their skills. I also wanted to drive home the importance of producing and serving healthy and nutritious food.

In the first year of operation, I have had great pleasure in seeing how much enjoyment people have had making dishes which they previously thought were beyond their reach. Their confidence has been boosted. They’ve, hopefully, gained a whole new insight into food and enjoyed the experience.

Beatrice Elliott