Booking a Demonstration

Groups and organisations are welcome to book a cookery demonstration at the school.  Below is some information which will help you to decide about making a booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number you can take?

 25 people

What is the minimum number you will take?

10 people

Can you cope with people in a wheelchair?

 Yes, there is wheelchair access.

What is the starting time for evening demonstrations?

Unless in exceptional circumstances, all evening demonstrations will begin at 7.30pm sharp.  A group should be ready to leave at 9.30pm.

What do you do at the demonstrations?

The demonstrations last for about 90 minutes.  The group will be able to watch the demonstration of  three or four dishes being made.  During this time they will, hopefully interact with questions and comments.  Each person will have been given a hand-out of the recipes and they can follow this and make notes, if they feel like it.

At the end of the demonstration, the group will be served a portion of each dish demonstrated, followed by tea or coffee.

Special arrangements may be made for daytime visitors to serve tea/coffee with scones/biscuits prior to the demonstration, if this is requested by the group.

Can we make a request to see a particular dish or process  being made?

Yes.  If it fits into the time schedule, this can be  arranged

Do you have a special theme for your demonstrations?

Yes,  Each year there is a new theme.  So, if you are returning for a second or even a third visit you can be assured that you will see something different being made.

We like to emphasise the importance of healthy nutritional food being eaten in a balanced fashion.  So each year we have looked at a particular nutrient and how it can be included in the diet.  So far our themes have been - 

  • Calcium
  • Dietary Fibre
  • Iron

This year we will take as our theme - Enjoy an Eating Out Experience at Home!

Seasonal demonstrations can also be arranged for times such as Christmas and Easter

In all of these we make a variety of dishes which include both savoury and sweet.

When you contact the school you can arrange which theme you would like to have for the demonstration. 

How much will it cost? 

This will depend on individual group requirements but will be in the region of £12 per head. If groups require tea/coffee on arrival there will be an extra charge for this

Important Points for the Group Organiser so that resources are not wasted at the School

  • You must contact the school no later than 3 days before the demonstration to give final numbers of those attending.  You will be charged for this number regardless of those missing on the day/night.
  • You should also let us know of any special dietary requirements or if anyone has mobility problems.
  • You should ensure that those driving to the demonstration know the arrival time, the route to take and that they have the mobile phone number of the school.